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Site last updated: June 02, 2024

New manuals loaded / updated in high resolution!

I just uploaded some more manuals that I scanned from originals in high resolution (600dpi.) The parts lists that spanned the page divider have been scanned separately so you can make out the part reference numbers. I have more to do, but wanted to get this update out as soon as possible.

I also posted the very last Panzer Power newsletter from the original Panzer Tractor Owner's Club. I have the whole series, and plan to make a book to offer for sale.

Updated February 13, 2022

T220 in Norway!
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These pictures were sent to me by Ole Baekkedal in November, 2018. They show his T220 Panzer that resides in a museum in Norway. It should, as it looks fantastic!
I'll use these pictures in an upcoming Model ID article, but I wanted to share them here on the main page.
The the web site isn't currently working, but the museum has a facebook page!

13 November 2018

Allen Lawnmower Closed!

We are sad so see that Allen Lawnmower in Agawam, MA has closed down. Little information exists, but there are some news articles. You can Google Allen Lawnmower to read more information.

Allen loaned us their index card database of sales information many years ago, and we put that information into a database to share with the public. See the Free Downloads tab on  That database has proven invaluable at being able to give an approximate model year for Panzers, as they had serial number and sales date infomation.  The personal information is in the database, but was not made public.  If you have a tractor with a serial number that is in that database, you can contact us at to get more information on it.   


Updated 11/23/2017


Parts, Parts and more Parts!

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HAPCO has purchased the inventory from Dandy Sales, and is now selling NOS, used and reproduction parts for your Panzers and Meteors! Visit them at! The Panzer parts are not on the site as of August, 2017, so you will need to call or email Kate with your needs...

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Found! T205 Copar Panzer in Argentina

I received an email recently from George Amido from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He sent me some pictures of what appears to be a 1957 T205 Copar Panzer.

George indicated he wanted to sell it, but I'm more interested in the history of how it got to Argentina. I read that there were Panzers shipped to South America prior to 1960, but this is the first time I've received confirmation that one still exists.

If you are a member of the Vintage Garden Tractor Club Of America, you'll know there were other tractors like the "Self Helper" tractor that was shipped to S.A. and Africa as part of missions to help the local people. The word was that when they broke down, they were left where they were because few parts existed in the areas intended to be helped. Oxen and other animals are more reliable for the tasks the tractors were intended for.

If you are interested in purchasing the tractor or want to contact George, he would like to hear from you at

I would also be interested in how much it would cost to ship 500 pounds worth of metal back from Argentina...

August 9, 2012

Another Panzer in Argentina!
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Jorge Ariel sent me some pictures of his T120 that has been in his family since the early 1970's. Read his story in the Panzer Stories section of this site!


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When I began as webmaster for Bill's Panzer Page back in 1996, I had no idea it would still be going strong all these years later. Over that time, I've made connections with people all around the US, Canada, UK, Argentina, New Zealand, Norway and South Africa. It is my intent to provide future generations with history regarding these tractors, as they will certainly outlast everyone reading this. Thank you for your support! Panzers do attract the nicest people... -Bill Janitor

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