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Q: How do I know what year my Panzer was made?
A: There are several methods. Panzers were made from 1954 to 1970. With the exception of Penn88 models, they all shared a narrowed Plymouth automotive rear end. These rear ends were taken from junk automobiles, so they vary slightly in design and model year. There is usually a date cast into the 3rd member or stamped on the ring gear. They have been modified in such a way as to use a mechanical method to apply the rear brakes independently.

If you know the model number and serial number (from the ID tag), you can compare the info to other tractors sold by Allen Lawnmower. Download the database online at http://www.panzertractors.com/FreeDownloads.html

If you have the original engine, you can date that part by serial number and model number. You can find most engine info at www.yetmans.com.

Copar Panzers were made between 1954 and 1960. Panzers, Pennsylvania Panzers, Pennsylvania, Penn88 and Meteor tractors were made between 1961 and 1970.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us at info@panzerclub.com. The more details you include, the faster we'll be able to help. Rear tire size, color, engine type/size and any markings/lettering will help!

Q: I'm looking for the proper color for my Panzer - what do you endorse?
A: All 'big' Panzers, which include the T100 and T200 series, were red with yellow wheels/accesories and some black trim for the grille. Model A (early 3 wheel models) had red wheels and drive castings.

Most of the 'small' tractors, T50 - T60 shared this scheme. All of these tractors say Copar Panzer on the front grille. Individual tractors may vary, and most were re-painted at some point.

Endorsed codes are:

RED: IH Red part# IH 2150 available at any local Case IH dealer in cans or quarts or gallons. This is the early Farmall Red used prior to the 1960's.

Yellow: Cub Cadet Yellow part#759-3258. This is the old style Cub Cadet Yellow, not the new style. Available at any Cub Cadet dealer in spray cans, or quarts.

T65 Copar Panzer, Panzer, Pennsylvania Panzer, Meteor and Penn88 tractors were teal/aqua and white.

Spray can: Krylon Teal #2015 - no longer in production. There is a widely available substitute: Dupli-Color engine enamel DE1643 Torque and Teal.

Auto Paint: Sherwin Williams Tantalizing Turquoise (Custom Blend US-45277-00). This can be found in any automotive store that stocks Sherwin Williams automotive finishes.

White: TBD. How many colors of white are there? Plenty! Rustoleum and Krylon gloss white work well.

Q: How do I keep my wife happy?
A: Paint all of your Panzers the same color.

That way she won't know when you're driving a different tractor. It may be completely different to you, but she won't know the difference!

To test this theory, start explaining the difference between the last one she saw you on and this one. She'll quickly zone out, walk away and leave you alone!

Q: I need a new gas cap for my T758s. What will fit?
A: Briggs and Stratton part number 69221 is an exact replacement for the original cap. Note that this part number may be an old number and may need to be cross referenced. I have the original NOS parts from an old lawnmower shop, so the info comes from there.

Q: Where can I find information on the rear ends used in Panzer tractors?
A: Rear ends come from Plymouth automobiles on all models, whether they are Copar, Pennsylvania, Meteor, etc. These axles were taken out of salvaged cars, so they vary in year and ratio.

The Chrysler Imperial Club has a lot of information - be sure to browse the film clips! Check out the links I have below by copying and pasting them in your browser.


There is information posted in the Restoration and Performance tab related to seals. If you have a seal, you can go to a reputable automotive store like NAPA and they can order them for you. This goes for other parts, but you may need to do some research first on exactly what rear end you have.

Q: What size belt will fit on my large, 3 or 4 wheel Copar Panzer?

A: Gates Power Rated belts are the best (green belt color.) Other belts sold by NAPA or Tractor Supply will work. Part number is 6938. Smaller panzers generally have a 6934 or 6933, depending on how worn your reverse disk is and how much adjustment you have.
It is important to use the right size belt to maximize the contact area on the pully, and to allow for ease of adjustment.

Q: I need piston rings for my 5 3/4hp, 6 or 7hp Briggs. What is the size?
A: I purchased a stock bore set of Briggs NOS rings - part number 295852. They say 7hp on the package, but worked in a 5 3/4 hp engine.

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